3 FAQ’s About Kybella

KybellaKybella is an FDA-approved, prescription injectable that is used to target the submental fat under your chin to give you a more chiseled looking appearance. As a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, Kybella gives patients real results that are worth bragging over. To learn whether or not if Kybella is a system for you to consider, we have created an article with a few brief answers to frequently asked questions. Read on to learn more.

How Long Does It Last?

Unlike dermal fillers that last the upwards of a year, one of the greatest things about Kybella is that results are permanent. By permanently getting rid of your fat cells, you shouldn’t have to worry about them coming back unless you all of a sudden gain a lot of weight.

Are There Side Effects?

Just like with any prescription medication, there are some side-effects of Kybella. Although rare, serious side effects include the inability to swallow, and nerve injury that can cause an uneven smile or facial weakness. Most patients who get Kybella experience a small amount of redness at the site, swelling, and some slight bruising. If you experience any of the serious side effects or if your symptoms persist, make sure to contact Dr. Tom F. Crais right away to schedule an appointment.

Is Kybella Safe?

Because Kybella has the FDA’s stamp of approval on it, you know that Kybella is, in fact, a safe way to get rid of the stubborn fat under and around your chin. And, because your Kybella will be administered by Dr. Tom F. Crais himself, you know that you are really in good hands.

Getting stubborn fat under and around your chin is enough to make you feel old and self-conscious. Luckily, with a few doses of Kybella injections, you can get rid of that stubborn fat once and for all and start to feel like you’re confident self again. To learn more about Kybella or to see if you are a suitable candidate for Kybella, contact Dr. Tom F. Crais today!



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