3 Tips to Getting Natural Looking Breasts

If Dr. Tom F. Crais is known for one thing, it’s for delivering natural looking results to patients. If you are considering getting breast enhancement surgery but are worried that you will look less like a human and more like a Barbie doll, don’t worry another minute. By addressing the following issues during your initial consultation, Dr. Tom F. Crais will ensure that you get breasts that fit your body and size without looking plastic. Read on to learn more.

Body Size

breast enhancement surgeryDuring your initial consultation with Dr. Tom F. Crais he will look at your body size and how much you weigh in order to properly determine what size of breast implant will be suitable to you. For instance, if you have a petite frame and build, then you won’t want to go with a large implant that will cause you back problems down the line. Whereas if you have a fuller figure, you may want an implant that will help to accentuate your curves.

Current Breast Size

Another thing Dr. Tom F. Crais will take into consideration is your current breast size. For instance, if you can barely fit into an A cup but want to wear a DD, it might be worth looking more into. In order to make sure that you look proportionate, Dr. Crais may recommend that you choose a smaller cup size that will still give you the sexy new look you desire.

Your End Goal

Choosing the size of implant that’s right for you, isn’t just a decision that Dr. Crais will make on his own. In fact, your input is key to ensuring that you get what you want and are happy with the end goal; your results. Although Dr. Crais may push back on some things, he is here to make sure that you get the perfect sized implants for your body without looking less than natural. As a good starting point, try coming to your initial consultation with some pictures of potential breasts that you may want— that way Dr. Crais can fully understand the look you are going for.

If you are interested in breast implants but are worried they won’t look natural, have no fear: Dr. Crais is here. By evaluating the above three things, Dr. Crais will get you the size of breasts that you want. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!



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