3 Ways to Prepare for an Abdominoplasty

AbdominoplastyAbdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery, is the surgical procedure used to remove excess fat and skin around the abdominal area. As an invasive procedure, the preparation and recovery time for this type of surgery are very important to pay close attention to. If you are having a tummy tuck done, here are three ways to help you fully prepare for this type of procedure.

  1. Discuss Your Medications

During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon and before you prepare for surgery, it’s important that you discuss with your doctor your current list of medications that you are on because some medications can cause complications during surgery such as blood thinners. In preparation for surgery, make sure that you stop taking any medications that your doctor recommended to you. As a general rule of thumb, you should stop taking the following medications at least five days leading up to surgery:

  • Aspirin
  • Comadin or Other Blood Thinners
  • Ibuprofen or Other Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • Vitamin E
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Estrogen Supplements
  1. Diet

If you are on an extreme weight loss diet, now is not the time to go full force and rid your body of critical nutrients and vitamins needed to get through surgery. Consult with your doctor as to whether or not you should fast before surgery or if you should have a small meal. If your doctor recommends that you have a small meal, try having something that won’t upset your stomach such as a banana and a piece of whole-wheat toast.

  1. Stop Smoking

This is probably the hardest preparatory component in gearing up for surgery, but it is definitely one of the most important. Smoking can cause your body to either not heal correctly or to take a longer time to heal, so the sooner you quit smoking, the more ready you will be to tackle surgery day.

To learn more about how to properly prepare for your tummy tuck, contact our office today!

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