Botox — the Celebrity of Injectables

botoxEver since it was approved by the FDA in 2002 for cosmetic use in the treatment of wrinkles and lines, Botox has towered over the aesthetic industry. For 13 years, Botox has owned the spot as the most popular cosmetic procedure, by far, surgical or non-surgical. Just in the past two years, there have been over 7 million Botox sessions.

This stuff is more famous than the celebrities it keeps looking great!

Why all the adulation? Botox works. Period. It reduces or eliminates the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. And it does all this in a simple 15-minute appointment.

This is How Botox Works

Botox is classified as a neurotoxin, as it is made from the botulinum toxin A, the same neurotoxin that causes botulism. But when injected in very small amounts, doctors found that the botulinum toxin works to temporarily paralyze a muscle by blocking the release of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that signals muscles to contract. Before its approval for cosmetic use, doctors had been using Botox in the treatment of spasming eyelids, overactive bladders, TMJ disorders, neck pain, and even migraine headaches.

But it was the day it was tested on facial wrinkles that Botox became a rock star. Why? Wrinkles and creases on the forehead, brow, and around the eyes are created by repeated facial expressions such as frowning, laughing, and squinting. When injected into the muscles that create those expressions, Botox stops the muscles from contracting. No contraction. No wrinkle.

And the rest is cosmetic industry history.

How long does it last?

Results from a Botox session don’t show themselves immediately. It generally takes from three to eight days for the injections to relax the muscles involved. From there, results last from three to four months. At that point, the muscles will begin to contract again and the wrinkles will return. But another Botox session will calm them back down.

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