BrowpexySometimes the use of fillers and anti-aging creams can just seem frustrating. Although the results of the injections last for a few months, they eventually fade and leave you with a forehead covered in wrinkles. If you are interested in a more permanent procedure to help you eliminate your forehead wrinkles, it might be time to consider a Browpexy.

What is a Browpexy?
A Browpexy, or brow lift, is a procedure designe to lift and tighten the areas around the eyebrow and forehead. By either making incisions near the ears or at the scalp, the surgeon will then go in with a small camera device called an endoscope in order to peform the procedure accurately and appropriately. During this time, an endotine implant device will be placed in the forhead to help the tissues stay in place during the healing process. After a few weeks and after the tissue has settled, the implant will slowly start to desolve.

What are the results?
The results of a Browpexy are fairly remarkable. Not only will your skin have a more even look and feel due to the lack of wrinkles but it will be compeltely tightened, which might help you reminisce about your skin as a youth.

Who is it for?
Browpexy surgery is intended for individuals who have visible signs of aging and wrinkling, and it is not reccomended for those who are in their twenties or thirites, Additioanlly, Browpexy surgery is available to both men and women who are unhappy with the skin around their forehead.

How long does it take?
A Browpexy typically takes a few hours, and during the surgery you will be under anesthesia. Afterwards, you may be asked to stay at the hospital overnight so that the surgeon can monitor your healing process and make sure everything is okay. Once you are released to go home, you will be given a strict set of instructions to follow to help you heal properly.

If you’re considering a Browpexy or browlift, look no further. From understanding how the procedure works to how long the recovery time is, you can help prepare both physicall and mentally for the procedure yourself.

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