Consider your Options for Eyelid Rejuvenation

dermal fillersThe eyes are integral to your appearance. Bags under the eyes are often thought a result of fatigue, stress, age, and even allergies. For individuals with persistently puffy eyes, the real culprit is most likely their genes. Even sticking to healthy lifestyle habits, these people may perpetually look tired.

Beneath under eye bags is accumulated fatty tissue. Deposits of fat cells may look more bulky with age due to the fact that the already-delicate skin around the eyes becomes thinner and less resilient as collagen fibers naturally degrade over time. While numerous topical creams and serums have been developed to fight this problem, none have been proven remotely successful at reducing or even managing the appearance of under eye bags.

What may Help Under Eye Bags

More and more, we are seeing men and women turn to blepharoplasty to solve the problem of under eye bags. This procedure is performed with meticulous technique to remove just the right amount of tissue and skin from the eyelids. The benefit of eyelid surgery is that, in most cases, a single procedure achieves lasting results, and no other surgical treatments are necessary.

There is also the option of eyelid rejuvenation using non-surgical methods. However, there are instances in which blepharoplasty is most appropriate. Dr. Crais offers both surgical and non-surgical correction for drooping, sagging eyelids. Performing a comprehensive consultation and examination, he can help you determine the approach best suited to your expectations.

Are Dermal Fillers the Answer?

Aesthetic medicine has changed significantly as a result of numerous injectible solutions. With the ease and safety of such treatments, many people are addressing issues they once accepted as a normal part of aging. Under eye bags and other wrinkles around the eyes may be minimized with the strategic use of filler products such as Juvederm® or Radiesse®.

The role of fillers in the treatment of under eye puffiness is to disguise bags by lifting surrounding tissue. In addition to immediately plumping lines, dermal fillers also encourage collagen remodeling. In the long-term, this secondary effect is beneficial to the ongoing support of tighter, younger looking skin.

Filler treatment may involve a few injections across the curved line beneath the eye. Additionally, a suitable filler may also be inserted into deeper tissues on the upper part of the cheeks. The treatment of both areas, versus just one, enhances the natural contour beneath the eye, all but erasing problematic bags.

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