Don’t Be a Turkey: Get a Neck Lift Instead

Neck LiftAs you’ve gotten older, you may have noticed an unsettling trend happening in your overall appearance. This pattern is one of stretching and sagging, and nowhere is safe. One of the most annoying parts of this drooping is under your chin and around your neck. Where you used to have a nice, smooth, tight skin, you now constantly look like you have double or triple chin. In really bad cases, you might feel like you’re beginning to look like a turkey with a large wattle.

However you feel about your older neck, there is something you can do to turn back the years. The neck is where you will actually see the first signs of aging, so you should try to hide it as long as possible. Don’t just ignore your neck. Actually take care of it with a neck lift.

Just Another Lift
A neck lift is very similar to any other type of lift, such as a thigh lift or a tummy tuck, in that it removes excess skin and fat from the area. It also tightens and strengthens the muscles immediately underneath the skin to help add a toned and firm look.

You would think that due to the nature of the surrounding area, a neck lift would be vary dangerous. However, it is actually one of the safest plastic surgery procedures. On top of that, it is very easy to get satisfactory results with only minimal scarring.

The Procedure Itself
The surgery generally is done under local anesthesia and a sedative and lasts about 2-3 hours. Incisions are made, often behind the ears or under the chin where they are barely noticeable. Then the excess fat and skin is removed, sometimes using liposuction. After the extra tissue is removed, the skin is stretched and tightened.

Overall, it is a very simple process that does not differ much from other plastic surgery procedures of a similar nature.

On the Road to Recovery
Recovery will take a week or two, so make sure to take off that much time from your job. Your doctor will give you very specific instructions to follow. The only slightly unusual thing to remember is that you should try to avoid wearing clothes that you must pull on over the head, as this could interfere with your neck’s healing process.

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