How to Combat Dry, Flaky Skin

Although the groundhog did not just see his shadow, there’s no escaping the fact that winter is still here and it may be wreaking havoc on your skin. With a combination of cold, dry air and harsh winter winds, the winter season can leave your skin feeling dry, flaky, and even sensitive to the touch. Read on to learn more about how you can combat your winter plagued skin.

skin careDuring the winter, people’s hands and faces suffer from the most drying effects of the season due to exposure. If your skin is starting to dry and crack, make sure that you properly hydrate and moisturize. For your face, apply a thick face cream to your skin both morning and night. For your hands, apply either a thick hand cream or even Vaseline over the top of your skin in order to trap in the moisture.

Cover Up
Because your hands and face are constantly exposed to the winter elements, they are getting the most damage. To protect your hands and face from things like wind burn and the constant drying cold, try to cover up as much as possible when you’re outside— especially on windy days. Carry a pair of gloves with you wherever you go and consider wrapping a scarf around your face while outside.

Because dead skin can accumulate during the winter, it’s important to make sure that you are exfoliating 1-3 times per week. Use a gentle face scrub and body scrub across your body and focus on areas that may feel a bit rough and dry. An exfoliator will help your skin to be able to soak up more moisture and stay hydrated all winter long.

Skincare is one of the best and important things that you can do for your body— especially during the winter. From moisturizing to exfoliating, these three tips will help to get your skin back to normal in no time. To learn more about proper skincare or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Crais, contact our office today and one of our professionals will gladly assist you.

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