Keeping your Neck in Check

neck liftWhen we discuss the signs and concerns of aging, it is often the appearance of facial skin and contouring that gets attention. Of course, we understand why you would want to rejuvenate the skin on your face; you can’t hide it! Issues like sagging jowls and brows can be corrected, so why not take advantage of modern treatments that keep you looking as young as you feel? While the face is a central aspect of your appearance, it is also important to know that sagging, thinning neck skin is a surefire way to give away your age.

Maintain Youthful Neck Skin

Like the skin around your eyes, the skin on your neck is somewhat fragile. This is why it may be more susceptible to UV damage and the natural breakdown in collagen that occurs with age. With a little focused care, this area can be beautifully maintained:

  • Cleansing. It is possible that you may neglect the proper cleansing of neck skin, but oil and debris can collect here just as it does on the face. If debris and skin cells accumulate, the moisturizing and anti-aging products you apply are not as effective. Using gentle technique or a Clarisonic brush, the neck can get the attention it needs.
  • Exfoliation. Cellular turnover occurs much more slowly in older skin. For this reason, exfoliation becomes more important as we age. Like facial skin, the neck can be treated with a solution containing glycolic acid or another gentle acid to expedite the process. Chemical peels may also be obtained a few times a year.
  • Collagen. This vital protein is a must for supple, beautiful skin. Since less is produced naturally the older we get, it may become necessary to supplement through diet, Omega fatty acid products, or with professional collagen-inducing treatments like chemical peels.

Whatever you do to refresh your facial aesthetic may be undone as soon as you look south. Protecting the skin on your neck is one thing; rejuvenating it is another. We can help you feel great about your appearance with custom-tailored surgical or non-surgical protocols. Schedule your visit with Dr. Crais at (208) 788-7700.


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