Kick That Belly Fat to the Curb with SculpSure

Body Contouring (Sculpsure™)Spring is just around the corner which means that if you are still in the habit of eating like it was the holidays and working out zero times per week, then you need to kick things into gear. If, however, you are consistent with eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, but you still have stubborn belly fat, then you may want to consider getting SculpSure done by Dr. Tom F. Crais. As a non-invasive way to remove stubborn fat, SculpSure will give you real results without the hassle of having to undergo surgery. Sound too good to be true? This article will discuss SculpSure and why you may want to consider it. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is SculpSure?

When you first hear that SculpSure is a non-invasive way to get rid of belly fat, you may think that it is performed by Harry Potter himself. However, although it does sound like magic, SculpSure works by doing more than waving a wand. By using state-of-the-art light technology, SculpSure heats up your fat without damaging the surrounding tissues. In conjunction with heat, SculpSure also uses a cooling technology so that you feel comfortable during the entire procedure.

What Are Results Like?

Other than the non-invasive aspect of SculpSure, the best benefit of SculpSure is that patients receive up to a 24% fat reduction— leaving your belly flatter than ever before. And, as long as you continue to stick with your diet and workout regimen, you shouldn’t gain any of the fat back.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Lasting about 25 minutes per session, SculpSure can be easily done in our office on your lunch break. And, as previously mentioned, because of the cooling and heating combination of the treatment, it is virtually pain-free and won’t require any sedative.

Get the flat abs that you’ve always wanted and just in time for bikini season with SculpSure. If you would like to learn more about this treatment or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Tom F. Crais’ office today!



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