Liposculpting: Turning Liposuction into an Art

LiposculptingLiposuction is a very broad term that essentially covers any and all removal of fat through small tubes. Essentially, small cannulas (a fancy, medical word for these tubes) are inserted into small incisions in your skin. These tubes are then used to break up and suck out extra fat. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, but it’s effective in removing large quantities of fat.

Liposculpting has become a word used to narrow the scope of liposuction into something more artistic. Think of it like a Greek or Roman sculpture. Some figures are plump, some are muscled and tone, but each has been carefully crafted so you can see each line just as the artist intended. This is what liposculpting can be, except you and your plastic surgeon work together as the artist. It is your vision; the surgeon holds the chisel (or the cannula) to make it come to life.

What’s the Difference Exactly?
In short, it is the difference between simply removing volume and creating a toned look.

Liposculpture is essentially the most pain-staking and detail-oriented way to use liposuction. The tubes or cannulas used to extract the fat are very tiny, allowing each little detail to be carried out. It is not just taking away the excess fat, but it is carefully deciding where to take away from to form what you think is the perfect body. It usually removes less fat than traditional lipo, but instead the fat is contoured to model the natural curves of the underlying muscles.

In some practices, there is no difference at all, and surgeons will only offer liposculpting as a more appealing name for the procedure. After all, sculpting does sound a lot better than suction.

Popular Areas to Sculpt
While almost any part of your body could be a candidate for either liposuction or liposculpting, here are some of the more popular options:

  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Butt
  • Neck and jaw
  • Breasts

If you think that you might be a good candidate for liposculpting, consult with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Tom F. Crais to figure out your best options.

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