Losing the Stigma Associated With Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Enhancement SurgeryFor years the thought of someone who has undergone breast enhancement surgery came with connotations such as “fake”, “cheap”, and “plastic.” However, those are all part of a stigma that has slowly vanished thanks in part to plastic surgeons everywhere opting to give their patients a more natural look. Read on to learn more about breast enhancement surgery.

Advancements In Technology

If you were to tell your grandmother twenty years ago that you were getting a boob job, she might cringe at the idea that you were going to look like nothing short of a call girl. However, due to advancements in silicone, saline, and even gummy bear breast implants, women everywhere can get breast implants and still look nothing shy of classy. Plus, these new breast implants look and feel a bit more natural, so you won’t have to worry about walking around feeling like you have water balloons strapped to your chest.

Placement Of the Implant

Depending on your body, your surgeon, and the overall look you are going for, you can have the option of having your breast implants placed either on top of the breast muscle or below it. Implants used to only be placed on top of the breast muscle, but many people argue that if placed below it, it will give you a more natural and subtle look than the alternative.

Society Has Changed

The biggest part of getting rid of the stigma that was once associated with breast enhancement surgery is the fact that our society is changing— instead of being ultra conservative with things like plastic surgery, men and women alike are embracing it now more than ever. Plus, a lot of people have gained the perspective that you might as well look and feel young while you can— so why not embrace it?

Breast enhancement surgery isn’t looked at the way that it once was. In fact due to advancements in technology, placement of the implant, and changes in our society, plastic surgery (breast implants included) are turning out to be more and more welcomed every passing year.

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