Our Practice

2014-09-30 03.32.06With over 35 years of experience in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, you can trust the extensive skill of Dr. Crais. His reputation in the Sun Valley area is second to none and results in the vast majority of patients who have one procedure usually returning for one of our other offered services.

What are those services? We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures to rejuvenate your face and neck, everything from the latest facial liposculpting to browpexy. We also offer all the FDA-approved facial fillers and Botox for non-invasive solutions. We can address your body shape with breast augmentation or reduction, and abdominoplasty surgeries. And, as we all deal with the effects of the sun at elevation in Sun Valley, we also increasingly offer skin care and skin cancer treatments. We are also proud to be affiliated with TouchMD.

When you come to our office, our friendly, professional staff wants you to feel as if you’re one of the family. Plus, each of us continually receives training in the latest procedures and best practices and we pass that expertise on to you. Your safety and satisfaction with your outcome is all we care about.

In a small community like ours, we all see each other at the store, on the slopes, or on a hiking trail and our practice goal is to have nothing but long-term relationships with our satisfied clients.