How to Protect Your Infant from Skin Damage

skin care tipsIf you are a parent or guardian of an infant, you want to do everything and anything you can to protect them. From encouraging those around you to get immunized to never leaving the house without things like sunscreen, it’s important to do anything and everything you can to shield them. And, did you know that 23 percent of the skin damage that you receive will happen by the time you are 18? Although that may not seem like a lot in your lifetime, that 23 percent can contribute substantially to things like premature aging and even skin cancer. In order to properly protect your infant from the sun’s harsh rays, try the following tips.

Sun Hats

If you are going on a walk around the neighborhood or even to the park with your infant, make sure to cover their scalp, ears, and face with a sun hat. Because your child’s skin is especially sensitive to the sun at this time of their life, it’s important to make sure that you shield them in every way possible. If your child is especially fair, look for a sun hat that has an spf component built into it. Many infant sun hats these days are made out of fabric that has spf in it to add an extra layer of protection.


Whether you’re taking your little one out on a snowy day or sunny day, it’s important to layer on the sunscreen— even if you’re only going to be outside for a short period of time. When looking for a sunscreen for infants, look for one that has all-natural ingredients and that’s designed specifically for infants. Baby sunscreens are designed with babies in mind so and with chemicals that won’t burn if they come into contact with their eyes or mouth. As an added bonus, look for a sunscreen that comes in a stick so that you can easily apply it without the mess of a lotion.

To learn more about how you can protect your infant from the sun’s harsh rays, contact Dr. Tom F. Crais today to schedule an appointment.



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