Shimmer And Shine For Valentine’s

chemical peel Hailey, IDThe best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that shimmer, shine, sparkle and glisten, and a glowing complexion is the perfect gift to give to yourself. A mild chemical peel can give you a radiant appearance and correct small flaws on the surface of your skin. Dr. Crais offers light chemical peels that are performed in our office, as well as treatments that you can do at home.

Bene-Factor Peel

The Bene-Factor peel is performed in our office and gives you a luminous complexion with just one treatment. Dr. Crais recommends the peel for blemishes, dark spots, aged skin and sun damage. Your skin feels soft and looks brighter and more radiant.

Timeless Rx Peel

Simply apply the Timeless Rx Peel before you go to bed and wake up with smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. The treatment works by stimulating the turnover of skin cells and development of essential proteins. The Timeless Rx Peel is recommended for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, aged skin, actinic keratosis, melisma and other conditions.

Lumixyl™ Brighten

The Lumixyl™ Brighten peel is administered using SilkPeel® Dermainfusion technology to even out skin tone and brighten the complexion. The treatment does not irritate the skin and is safe for all skin types.

Peels for Other Cosmetic Concerns

If you have moderate aesthetic concerns, such as enlarged pores and irritation, Dr. Crais may recommend one of our other chemical peels.

  • D-Tox Peel: A medium peel that exfoliates, calms and deep cleans the skin. Recommended for oily skin, irritation, blemishes and enlarged pores.
  • Lumixyl™ Clarify: Applied using SilkPeel® Dermainfusion System and recommended for sun damage, dark spots, and aged skin.
  • Lumixyl™ Radiate: Combines the benefits of the Lumixyl™ Clarify and Lumixyl™ Brighten peels. Applied using the innovative SilkPeel® Dermainfusion technology.

Are You Ready for Luminous Skin? Contact Dr. Tom Crais.

Radiant skin can be achieved with just treatment thanks to advanced light chemical peels. To learn more about chemical peels, lipofilling, abdominoplasty and our other cosmetic services for the face and body, contact the board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tom Crais. Our office is located in Hailey, Idaho, and you can contact us directly at (208) 788-7700.

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