Summer is Here! How to Save your Skin from Breakouts!

summer skin careAnyone who is prone to acne can tell you that summertime can bring both good times and bad. Specifically, warm weather can cause unending dread and worry about the development of acne on areas such as the neck, chest, shoulders, and back. If you know what to do, you can sit back and relax during warm summer months.

Breaking the Cycle of Breakouts with Knowledge

Body acne can be the result of a number of factors, not just the heat of summer. Some of the common factors related to body acne in particular include bacteria, hormones, and our own family history. Because of this, we each need to find a solution that is tailored to our unique needs.

How Body Acne Differs from Facial Acne

Body acne is breakouts that develop on the shoulders, back, chest, and other areas. Similar to the face, the areas in which body acne tends to occur also have a significant number of oil glands. There is one prominent difference between facial acne and body acne, and that is that areas on the body are exposed to a greater amount of irritation and friction from clothing and sweat. It is factors such as these that may be the reason for worsening body acne and warm weather months. It isn’t just sweat, but sweat in combination with friction and bacteria that increases the risk of body acne in the summertime.

Break Free from Body Acne

  • Wear light clothing that allows air flow to your skin.
  • Shower after exercise, or after sweating due to the heat and humidity.
  • Apply lighter lotions and creams when the weather warms up.
  • Use products for facial acne in areas on the body or breakouts occur.
  • If breakouts of body acne are causing scarring or cysts, you may need to see your physician or esthetician for prescription medication.

Body acne is something better prevented than endured. Now is a great time to prepare your body for summer in every way.  Contact us to discuss ways to care for your acne prone skin. We are happy to help.

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