“Over the past 5 yrs I had gained about 15 lbs. It kind of snuck up on me, and seemed to settle all around my waist and torso.. By combining Dr. Crais’ Smart Lipo Treatment and diet and exercise I have been about to take off the pounds and inches in 60 days that would have taken me years otherwise. I now feel and look great. It even helped relieve my chronic back pain!”
Denise B. 54 yrs old

It started with a tiny sore on the end of my nose that would not go away. My P.A. froze it, it came back (bigger this time), and she referred me to a dermatologist in Boise. In the meantime, my neighbor. Joan, referred me to Dr. Crais. I still kept the appointment in Boise, and they did a biopsy. It came back positive for skin cancer- basal cell carcinoma, and they scheduled me for surgery. Before the surgery, I went to see Dr. Crais. He took a look, and before he even read my biopsy, he declared it basal cell, which I affirmed. The first thing he asked was “So they tried the cream, and that did not work?” To which I replied “What cream?” The dermatologist in Boise had not given me the option of any cream. So he had me use the Aldara Cream for 8 weeks- AND I HAVE BEEN CANCER FREE EVER SINCE!!! A dermatologist who does not even tell me about a cream vs. A SURGEON WHO WILL ONLY CUT AS A LAST RESORT?  I will never, ever trust my skin to anyone else!
You just have to love this guy!!
Diane V.

I’ve told everybody about the wonderful, professional and positive experience they will have if they are a patient of Dr. Crais.
He has a gift for helping people look and feel better about themselves. It is always a pleasure and a treat being cared for by such a wonderful, caring Dr. and his loyal staff. I feel like a walk a little taller and a little prouder every time I leave his office!
Louise C.

I trust Dr. Crais. I have had several procedures with Dr. Crais. I wanted trust and expertise and I wanted a local doctor. I wanted a doctor who I felt confident with, somebody who I could ask my questions to and somebody who would give me honest answers. Dr. Crais is warm and caring, easy to relax with and the results you will see are amazing. The scars are invisibile. I would recommend Dr. Crais to anybody.
Charlotta H.