Understanding Endotine Implants

Browpexy Hailey, IDYou know what breast implants and dental implants are, but when it comes to implants like “endotine implants,” you may not be as familiar with them. If you are getting a browpexy (brow lift) or facelift from Dr. Tom F. Crais, he may mention the use of endotine implants. So, what is this type of implant and why is it being used in facial surgeries? Read on to learn more.

Will It Add Volume to My Face?

When you first think of implants and plastic surgery, you are likely thinking of something used to add more volume to your face. However,endotineimplants don’t involve adding volume for cosmetic purposes. In fact, they aren’t used for cosmetic purposes at all— they are used to prevent scar tissue from forming.

How Do They Work?

As previously mentioned, endotine implants are used to prevent scar tissue from forming around the sutures used in your brow lift or face lift. Made of a bioabsorbable polymer, endotine implants are used instead of traditional sutures and help prevent against soft-tissue fixation after surgery. Naturally, as your body is recovering from surgery, your body will form scar tissue around sutures which can make the absorption or removal of sutures to become painful or ineffective. However, instead of using sutures, and with the use of an endotine implant, there will be a barrier between the tissues and your incisions— leaving you with a smoother recovery. Similar to certain types of sutures, as your face heals from the surgery, your body will absorb the endotine implants, so you won’t have to worry about having them removed.

Recovering from a facial surgery like a facelift or browpexy can be uncomfortable and painful— especially if sutures are involved. Luckily, with endotine implants, you can get better results and have a more comfortable recovery. To learn more about these implants or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Tom F. Crais today.



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