What does a facelift do?

Facelift With the passage of time, the production of collagen and elastin in our body slows, which results in the wrinkling of facial skin and loss of tissue and volume in the cheeks. The fat that was giving shape to the chin and the cheeks is lost and the skin becomes loose and saggy, forming unsightly folds.

For younger people who are suffering these signs of aging, a Botox injection might be a good form of treatment. However, for older people who have significant wrinkles and skin folds on their face and under the neck, a facelift is more effective.

We have extensive experience performing facelifts for our patients. There are different variations, but usually an incision is made within the hairline and follows the natural contour to the ear. Excess skin and tissue are pulled up and then removed. Underlying muscle is repositioned and excess fat is removed.

Facelift recovery will take up to a month, with most patients returning to non-strenuous work in about 10 days. The results of the surgery will begin to appear immediately but usually take about three to four months to take full effect.

If you have extensive wrinkling and volume loss on your face, consider a facelift!

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